Health & Wellness Programs

A health and wellness program is a tax incentivized program similar to an HSA and HRA. The costs for this program are 100% paid for through the tax incentives, resulting in a net savings.

Our Goal

The objective of the program is to provide a healthier outcome for the workforce using wellness programs that qualify for tax incentives. Which in turn lowers an employee's/employer's tax liability, creating an opportunity for savings that can be used to close the gaps left by health insurance.

The Benefits

Employees know they are financially exposed if faced with a disability or illness. That is why over 80% of workers with health insurance are willing to pay for additional benefits with their own money. With our Wellness program they will not need to pay out of pocket to protect their family’s financial well-being

Wellness makes your benefits program more affordable and sustainable and ensures your employees are receiving the type of benefits they need more now than ever!

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